OK Go’s The Writing’s On The Wall

I wanna be this trippy. Found on Rolling Stone.

Why We Create

Lots of this resonates with me. See more at whywecreate.co

Bon Iver at AIR Studios

I can’t get over this and I don’t want to. I stumbled upon this gem awhile ago and just recently found a quality MP3. Enjoy for your melancholy Monday.

Maxine Zubiaga Owens

¬†Florist and Creative Artist, Maxine Zubiaga Owens. Stoked for this pretty lady’s new website, The Southern Table.

Big Cat Care

This weekend, I got to visit Big Cat Care in Bridgeport, TX. It was pretty much the highlight of my life. I highly recommend taking a tour! You get to see cats and… Continue reading




Lauren Harn


4130 Commerce

Finally. New space. 4130 Commerce St. Come visit. But call first.

CJ Johnson

Dallas Personal Trainer, CJ Johnson Shot at Katy Trail and Southside & Lamar